"I have been going to Dr. Grace for 15 years and he’s amazing!! Warm, caring and keeps my teeth looking great! He’s meticulous in his work."
Dana O.
"Dr. Grace was very pleasant to talk to and extremely knowledgeable and articulate about my procedure."
Mike B.
"He is a great dentist, and (most importantly) he is always on your side - from the first appointment, he involves you every step of the way in the care of your teeth."
Denish M.
"He's very knowledgable, does the cleanings himself, and always spends enough time with me to make sure I understand what he's doing and what he suggests."
Lindsay S.
Dr. Grace takes great care of my teeth and gums. He is always willing to explain why he provides a procedure and what the expected outcome of the procedure should be. Tony is also great and ensures that I am aware of what my insurance paid and what my balance is. Together they make a great team.
Christine T. | Nov 23, 2022
No issues. Everything was fine.
Robert D. | Nov 17, 2022
Always a good experience. Dr. Grace is thorough and I have been his patient for many years.
Marale G. | Oct 17, 2022
Great service for 30 years. Thanks so much for taking care of my teeth and me for all these years!
Elizabeth A. | Sep 28, 2022
Dr. Grace and Tony are excellent.
Joseph B. | Aug 16, 2022
Dr. Grace and Tony have my complete loyalty. Dr, Grace provides excellent dental care and offers recommendations that will work for the patient in their specific circumstances. Tony manages a smoothly running office.
Jessica W. | Aug 06, 2022
Dr. Walter Grace has been my dentist for many years! I made the mistake of going to another dentist for a routine cleaning and the hygienist performed the cleaning. When the dentist inspected my teeth, he asked the hygienist did she clean my teeth?!? In fact they offered me a free cleaning, I never went back. I will continue to go to Dr. Walter Grace because he is an excellent dentist and I am extremely pleased with his work!
Lynette M. | Jul 14, 2022
I absolutely love Dr. Grace! When I tell you he will make himself available for you, he will! I can’t forget about Tony either, an absolute gem! I would recommend their office to any and everyone!
Lameka W. | Jul 13, 2022
Excellent help with my Invisalign. I was able to complete my whole treatment in under a year with fast service, whitening and happy with the end results!
Shoshannah S. | Jul 13, 2022
Personable and great service.
Elizabeth A. | Jun 09, 2022
Always a good experience. I really like Dr. Grace.
Elizabeth S. | Jun 08, 2022
Dr. Grace has been my go-to dentist for 8 years and I have been very happy with his care and service. He always gets to the root (get it?) of the problem with my teeth, and fixes them. He is also very generous - he always helps out with lowering the bottom line, especially with major treatments. Dr. Grace accommodated me quickly when I had unexpected teeth issues and he is always responds to questions and concerns. I am very happy with Dr. Grace's service and highly recommend him.
Sherzod O. | Jun 04, 2022